8 Incredible Educational Benefits of Travel

We all know that few things in life are as rewarding as indulging your wanderlust spirit, but did you know that travel can actually provide specific educational benefits to young wanderers? Studies have shown that educational travel can help improve test scores, increase cultural knowledge, and even encourage enrollment in higher education institutions.

Whether you’re a student, teacher, or simply someone with a thirst for knowledge, travel offers countless benefits that may not be found any other way. If you’re considering organizing a school trip or sending your child on one, read on to learn more about the 8 incredible benefits of educational travel!

The Educational Benefits of Travel

Aside from the obvious hands-on experiences, educational travel may provide several other benefits for students that you never expected!

In fact, a study conducted by the U.S. Travel Association found:

  • that 59% of youth who take an educational trip earn better grades
  • higher graduation rates from both high school (95%) and college (63%)
  • adults who traveled to other countries in their youth earned more income (12% higher annually).

Interestingly, 89% also said the educational trips they took had a positive, lasting impact on their education and career. The trips and experiences made them more interested, intellectually curious and engaged both in and out of school.

So why not give your child the opportunity to try something new? There are so many educational benefits – here are just a few.

Improves Academic Performance

One of the most significant benefits educational travel can offer is improved academic performance. As we all know, school is tough. It takes a lot of effort and focus just to earn good grades and attend class regularly, let alone attempt to excel in every subject. An exciting voyage can provide students with the opportunity to take a break from their normal lives for a brief period, experience something different, and return feeling reinvigorated and refreshed. When you give students the chance to explore new things they will be more engaged in their studies, as traveling can stimulate creativity and curiosity.

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Encourages Higher Education Enrollment

There’s nothing like interesting travel experiences to inspire youth and encourage them to think beyond their comfort zone. This may be why educational travel programs are associated with higher educational rates. It has been said that travel programs aimed at students are extremely effective because they encourage them to utilize their existing knowledge in ways they may not have considered before. College and even high school students often discover their niche or passion during these trips and find themselves enrolling in higher education institutions after traveling to pursue them.

Helps Build Cultural Knowledge

Some teachers believe that student travel is crucial to developing well-rounded, culturally aware individuals. Educational travel provides an opportunity to learn about other cultures first-hand. Many studies show that exploration outside your own country can increase cultural learning and awareness by teaching about other cultures and how different societies think and act. By traveling to a foreign country and interacting with the locals, you can gain an understanding of their traditions and customs that is impossible to get from books or the internet. Plus, seeing a different culture in action can help students understand the differences in the way people live around the world, which may help them appreciate their own lives more in return.

Can Increase Self-Confidence

While educational travel has been shown to increase educational motivation, one major benefit is that it can also help increase a student’s confidence. During educational trips students have to adapt to the environment they’re in and put their life and social skills to use. They may struggle at first with things like language barriers and comfort zones, but with practice and perseverance, students will gain a newfound sense of accomplishment. Of course, knowing that you’ve completed something that was once considered difficult or even impossible is sure to boost your self-esteem!

Enriches Global Perspective and Empathy

Traveling gives people the unique opportunity to gain a global perspective on real life. It allows them to view our world from an outside perspective as opposed to what we read in textbooks or hear from teachers, which only gives us a small glimpse into the world around us. Allowing students to see how other people live gives a better understanding of unfamiliar issues and helps create empathy which can only be acquired through personal experience.

Provides a New Perspective

While international travel may be a struggle at times, most people often find that the benefits outweigh the challenges. One of the most rewarding aspects of educational travel is how it changes people’s perspectives on life. If students have struggled with their grades in the past, travel can help them realize that there’s more to life than what happens in the classroom and test scores. Students are often able to see their home country from a fresh, outside opinion, which may help them better understand the way they live and act.

Increases Lifelong Learning Skills

Educational travel experiences encourage lifelong learning skills that are necessary for success both in college and beyond. This type of travel helps students become more responsible, independent, and confident. It also teaches them how to better manage their time and money – all valuable assets that will help students throughout their lives.  

When you participate in travel at any level, you will likely engage with people from other backgrounds and become exposed to new ideas. This exposure helps you learn how to adapt and grow in any situation, while also strengthening your ability to solve problems independently. Students will be exploring their interests, gaining independence, and even learning a new language.

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Develop Lifelong Friendships

Educational travel creates stronger personal connections through shared learning experiences. The relationships you build with your teachers or classmates can be some of the most meaningful you ever make, both personally and professionally. As an added bonus, these friends can often act as lifelong mentors if you’re considering pursuing a career in the same area. These are friendships that may last for years and provide students with lifelong support when they need it most!

As you can see, educational travel often provides students with unforgettable experiences that they will cherish long after their trip is over. World travelers report a deep appreciation for new places and a desire to explore and learn about all the different cultures. They also tend to feel a greater appreciation for life and look forward to a future filled with meeting new people and doing new things.

What educational travel programs have been most beneficial or memorable for your children? We would love for you to share your stories with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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